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The Cher department (département 18) is located in the South of the Centre region. Two rivers surround the Cher: the Allier river in the South, and the Indre river in the West. A large part of the Cher makes out, together with the Indre, a former province known as “Le Berry”. The Cher is the region that joins the Ile de France (Paris Region) with the Massif Central and exists of a vast plateau, elevated in the North East by the chalk stone hills of Sancerre and the Motte d'Humbligny near Henrichemont.

The Cher department holds a good number of Roman churches. Within the network of parish churches, a couple of newcomers joined in the 12th century. Cistercian monks, disciples of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, founded five abbeys in the Haut-Berry. With the abbey of Noirlac and the abbey of Fontmorigny, two of these are still in extremely good condition. Both abbeys are open to the public. Established in Foëcy, Noirlac and Mehun-sur-Yèvre since the 19th century, the porcelain manufacturers of the Berry have a solid reputation, earned by their generation old experience. These days, the heirs of these founders are the most important producers of porcelain in France and their exporting network reaches every corner of the world. The "Route de la Porcelaine" invites you to find out more about this white gold. The porcelain museum "Pôle de la Porcelaine" in Mehun-sur-Yêvre holds a number of unusual objects and extraordinary items. Another porcelain museum, the "Musée Vivant de la Porcelaine", can be found in Foëcy, where you can visit a craftsman’s atelier, a room with tools and a historical overview.

Each of them claiming the honour of being located right in the middle of France, the villages of Vesdun, Bruère-Allichamps and Saulzais-le-Potier each have their own landmark to celebrate this geographical feat: Bruère says it with a mile pole, Vesdun with a monumental markstone and Saulzais with a boundary post.

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